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    Hello! I've downloaded minecraft at my friend's computer but logged in via my account. Now I've created a world witch I really enjoy playing at. But I'm going home tomorrow and I can't find a way to make my world work on my regular computer. My question is: is there a way for me to transport my world to my regular computer at all?
    Thanks in before-hand!
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    There *IS* a way to do it, however it will require you to alter your friends computers file hierarchy and potentially damage the files. I strongly advise against it.

    In fact, given Minecraft is a free sandbox type gaming application, it would be a lot simpler to remake your world on your own pc. Else, your friend would need to upload the .jar file and world file to a storage website, and then you download it to your pc. Copy and paste it into your files, and then do a mc update.

    Also for BOTH of you, you will need to use the MCRepair function to clean up any lost packets. (Which is very likely to happen). This could corrupt and force a clean rebuild of your friends computer, and erase everything (not just your own world)... as well as the same for your pc.

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