Borderlands 2

Discussion in 'Other games' started by mink13, Sep 13, 2012.

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    the game i predict to be the best game of 2012 has 0 days to go until it is released. i personally have it pre-ordered on the playstation 3, and if you have one too i would gladly play with you.
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    Borderlands 2 is probably one of the best loot games out there. It's fun, addicting, has a great cast of characters and is just an all around good time. The game is fantastic and just superbly passes the original. The pre-sequel is coming out this fall, and honestly, it better be good considering it needs to meet the expectations of the amazing Borderlands 2. Gearbox Software has a good series going on here and it needs to continue it and flourish with the amount of respect it needs. The game is outstanding, especially with the huge gun variety. Outstanding game, outstanding.

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